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Termite Control

Hydrex Pest Control has a full service termite control department that provides both traditional and alternative method treatments. We are well versed in our treatment plans for both dry wood termites and subterranean termites. We also manage construction repairs that may be needed due to damage caused by any wood destroying pests or organisms such as termites or fungus.

Traditional Treatment for Termite Control

Whole House Termite Fumigation
Sometimes there are cases in which traditional treatment is required. Hydrex Pest Control does offer Traditional Tent Fumigation in such cases. This is usually required when the location or the degree of infestation prevents alternative methods from being effective treatment plans.

This traditional treatment, as effective as it is, does come with certain drawbacks. When a home or office is being tented, it is vital prior to the treatment for all foods and medicines to be sealed in bags, all animals and plant life must be removed, and people are required to leave the home or work location for a few days.

After the termite inspection of the home or work place is completed and analyzed by our professionals, it is possible that this is the primary recommendation if you are dealing with drywood termites. Our experienced team of professionals will only recommend this if the infestation is so great that our alternative methods will not be effective. We always strive for complete customer satisfaction with as little inconvenience for the customer as possible.

Treating Subterranean Termites

Another traditional treatment plan that Hydrex Pest Control offers is Traditional Soil Treatment. We have found this is best for the control of subterranean termites.

What this treatment consists of is the use of specialized termiticides that are injected into the soil around the foundations of a structure. They are also pressure treated under slabs. The termiticide forms a protective barrier that termites will not cross, thus effectively denying access to any wood in the structure they might be trying to get to.

Alternative Treatments for Termite Control

Orange Oil
The proper chemical name for orange oil is D-limonene. A by-product of orange juice manufacturing, it is a constantly renewably resource. Orange oil is a popular oil, known for its efficacy in being used in cleaning solutions, soaps and perfumes. It has also proven to be a very effective ingredient for eliminating drywood termites when used in conjunction with a precise and comprehensive drill and treat method. It also smells wonderful, unlike any chemical treatment!

When it comes to the prolonged protection and remedial treatment of wood, especially protection from all wood destroying organisms, the Tim-Bor Treatment is unique in its own right. What the Tim-Bor Treatment provides is added protection due to the nature of its active ingredient, Disodium Octaborate Tetrahydrate. Disodium Octaborate Tetrahydrate does not break down, therefore it provides continued protection for the wood being treated.

These solutions penetrate into the wood, thereby treating more than just the surface. Once ingested by the insects, accumulated by their feeding on the treated wood, Sodium Borate acts as a slow activating stomach poison in the insects’ bodies, but also spreads throughout the colony. Since it is slow acting, the termites can move throughout their colony, unwittingly spreading the insecticide by feeding the nymphs, soldiers and reproductives, and eventually destroying the entire colony.

Hydrex Pest Control of San Diego and Imperial Counties is Certified by NPMPA and they have passed the requirements to become a member of NPMPA and a member in good standing.
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