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Rodent Control Program

It takes years of study, as well as trial and error to create and implement a successful program for complete control and exclusion of rodents. That is exactly what Hydrex Pest Control Company of San Diego has done. We have studied and learned the patterns of rodents so we can be completely effective in our treatment plan to help rid of our customers of rodents.

Typically, rodents will congregate and dwell around the exterior of homes, but will seek shelter in substructure areas and attics. Since rodents will travel great distances for food, it is nearly impossible to exterminate them, but we have developed a safe and effective program to exclude them from interiors and substructures. Our specially trained technicians use the latest technology and equipment available, which enables them to completely exclude any entries into the home.

Our program begins with a complete inspection of the attic, substructure areas, and exterior areas. We also thoroughly inspect any heavy foliage that could harbor rodents. Our experts are trained to recognize any nests or infestations that may be hidden. Once infestations and nests are identified, including entry points where rodents may be finding access to a location, we make notes and prepare for the exclusion process. This includes repair recommendations on the actual building structures, in addition to our treatment program. Structural repairs are vital in this case, as rodents can squeeze through holes as small as an inch in diameter, and this type of structural damage can occur in many different areas of any structure.

Another important part of our inspection includes attic insulation and heating and cooling air ducts. We inspect these most importantly to identify if any contamination or damage has occurred as a result of the infestation. Rodents are known for using insulation for nesting, and they like to use air ducts for harborage and runways.

We also inspect any nesting areas and droppings we find to assess any contaminant and sterilization.

Our Rodent Exclusion Program
  1. Rodent entry ways are sealed with appropriate materials. Work shall be completed from the interior or exterior depending on the location and accessibility. All repairs to be completed in a workmanlike manner.
  2. Rodent traps are dispersed at strategic areas so as to assure complete containment. Return visits are scheduled for trap inspection, carcasses removed and new traps installed.
  3. Complete elimination should occur in 3 to 8 days after the program is started. Once live activity is eliminated, the sanitization process will be completed. Fecal matter may be sterilized and covered due to the difficulty with accessibility.
  4. Unless otherwise indicated all exclusion work performed on the structure is to be warranted for a period of one year from date of initial service. Hydrex Pest Control also offers an annual renewable warranty for a specified amount that would include a re-inspections of premises to assure that repair work is still functional. Removal of old trapping devices, replace with new if deemed necessary, plus exterior site inspection.

Hydrex Pest Control of San Diego and Imperial Counties is Certified by NPMPA and they have passed the requirements to become a member of NPMPA and a member in good standing.
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